Central Asian
Investment Agency

Thanks to the presence of several integrated areas - investments, consulting, education, employment and deep industry knowledge, we help our clients find opportunities, as well as evaluate them and control risks.

About Us


The staff of our employees is a close-knit team of likeminded people with highly professional knowledge and solid practical experience. Our experts have deep industry and functional experience. Our services and solutions help clients develop and work in modern conditions.


Our services are used by local as well as foreign companies. Our activities are carried out in close cooperation with foundations, federations, companies and government agencies. We grow by nurturing others, allowing our clients, colleagues and the wider community to succeed and reach their full potential.


We challenge traditional thinking and ways of working and open up new perspectives to solve the most difficult problems. Our main task is to contribute to the education, improvement and development of small businesses, as well as increasing the level of development of the country's infrastructure. We open up new possibilities

Our services


20 years of experience in the investment field allows us to solve problems of any complexity. Selection of investors and investment proposals Investing in projects, including start-ups Analysis and preparation of investment projects Working with virtual and other types of alternative assets


Assistance in interaction with state authorities, permitting, supervisory authorities Cooperation with public organizations Formation of a positive image and authority among the authorities Support for public-private partnerships


Alternative Dispute Resolution Help in resolving conflicts Consulting

Turnkey company registration

Our advantages: The quality and speed of the task. The client provides a minimum package of documents. Our task is to register a company with high quality and as quickly as possible. We take care of communication with government agencies Opening bank accounts

Business development

Business planning: Business plan development Teaser development Development of business projects Development of grant projects Finance: Financial modeling Management report Marketing: Market analysis Competitor analysis Target audience analysis Development of a product or service development strategy

Management, legal and accounting support

We provide management, legal and accounting services for your business.

Business Academy:

We specialize in providing vocational training and professional development services Development of managerial competencies, leadership and strategic thinking of senior managers and business owners in order to increase their personal effectiveness and the company's competitiveness in an era of global change Shaping a new generation of corporate managers and civil servants Intensive trainings are aimed at the rapid formation of skills to achieve your goals

Educational training modules:

Development of managerial skills and leadership potential Development of communication skills Increasing the anticorruption stability of the individual Formation and development of flexible skills: practices of influence, conflict management, negotiations, public speaking, stress resistance, time management and planning under uncertainty


Road transport Shipping Air transportation Logistics outsourcing Customs clearance Warehouse services Cargo insurance Financial services

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Conference rooms

Our comfortable conference rooms are at your service to choose from. For important and business meetings we offer fully equipped rooms.

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Our advantages


We do not conduct hidden activities and do not charge for incomprehensible services


Only fair service and objective assessment


You pay for the time - we save it and, most importantly, we always complete it on time!


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International Federation of Migrants

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